Our Story

LCP Transportation, LLC., is a proven provider of non-emergency transportation solutions. Established in 1998, LCP continues to be a valued partner for national MCOs and HMOs, providing efficient transportation management and customer service. The company strategically focuses on core disciplines such as Medicaid transportation, transportation brokering, utilization management reporting, call center services, and proprietary transportation software. LCP is a single-source provider for scheduling and dispatching, transportation management, utilization management, and quality assurance, thereby enabling Medicaid Managed Care Programs to focus upon medical utilization and wellness programs or other core competencies. LCP also provides Medicaid Managed Care Claims Processing for Emergency Ambulance Transportation from receipt to final adjudication.

LCP has its own propriety claims processing software that validates data, timely filing, verifies eligibility, confirms prior approval of services, encounter claims submission, utilization reporting and administrative concerns regarding claims’ adjudication. LCP also owns a web-based application non- emergency claims software that allows for scheduling and dispatching, auto assigning transportation resources, auto dispatching return trips, electronic manifesting, trip reporting, and transportation resource payments. The software used to process and manage the above non-emergency transportation services is a propriety software, Managed Integrated Logistic Exchange (MILE). LCP offers significant administrative support to transportation providers. This support includes automated scheduling and encounter billing which will significantly increase claim submission accuracy. This increased claims efficiency will help Medicaid Managed Care Programs in the detection of potential abusive utilization trends and claims through an automated claims processing system.


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